"A special thank you to Susie Acheson (1Palomino Design) for her ability to take a vision and roll with it. The most fantastic graphic designer we've ever met."

Meshelle Armstrong, owner of Restaurant Eve, Virtue, Society Fair, Eammon's, TNT and more...


“Susie is quite simply one of the most talented individuals with whom I have had the pleasure to work. She is an outstanding communicator and strategist and I would be excited to work with her again in any capacity.”

Lisa Leshne. Owner, The Leshne Agency, and former executive at


"Susie has been both a mentor and an inspiration in the time I have had the pleasure of working with and for her. Not only is she an incredibly talented graphic designer (in every medium), but she has a thorough understanding of the key role that excellent graphic presentation plays in the success of a company and the best ways to utilize it."

Katy Greenspan, 


"Susie is effing awesome. Anyone who hires her is lucky, because you can't put a price on art. She adds that intangible something, a sense of quality and value, to every brand she touches. In addition Susie provides excellent leadership and inspiration for creatives fortunate enough to work for her."

Charlie Fink, former President and C.O.B. at American


"Susie is a rock star."

Mindy Marin, owner, Bluewater Ranch Productions



Aw shucks. I love you all too.